Friday, October 23, 2009

Although the car has been delivered, I had to finish and go install the last piece on the dash. As a reminder, the chrome part closing the pod was in very poor condition and cracked. One day it just broke completely.

After two months of waiting, I have received the part. This part is rare to find and I was amazed that they could fix it.

The center was chromed. Basically it is supposed to be sand blasted first then chromed. After I've sand blasted the center, two indentations appeared under the chrome.

I used body filler to correct the problem.

I've used this paint to simulate the original look.

The owner and I have installed the part a few days ago. The car is now finished!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The car has been delivered. I have received the chrome piece that goes on the pod. They did a good job except that is is a little narrower... I hope it is going to fit. I will go to the owner's home to install it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are just waiting for a side glass and the car will be ready to be delivered!
Yesterday, I have put new plugs and wires; it was great to take the car for a ride after so many months of work.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The left door panel is finished.
The window came yesterday. It is in as of this morning and the door is finished.
The alternator stopped working. A new alternator is close to $400, it doesn't look original and we had to wait a week to get it, so I purchased a GM 7127 which is much cheaper (A little over $50) and closer to an original look. Also, this alternator is available at any part store in the US of A.

I cut out some metal to get 19.5 mm thickness.

There is on the Citroen bracket.

I had to change the bracket and used a standard bracket used in American custom cars.

This alternator has an internal regulator. I kept the external regulator and connected the big wire going to the battery at the same connector. Regarding the EX wire, it went to the F (Top yellow wire) and the small wire that goes to the back of the Ducelier is going to the second connector (Blue and yellow on the pic). I just changed the connector to fit the new alternator.

The trunk is finished (Just need to secure the logos with new clips).

New fresh air ducts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now installing the new leather on the top of the doors...
First feeling the gap up with some high density foam...
Then covered by a thin layer of low density foam.

The top of the driver door is finished

The dash is finished. I have check everything before closing it up, but last night the alternator light did not go off... So, more on the pile; I'll be checking that today.

The hood is repaired and close to be painted.

The bottom is better than the original. The bottom of the hood will reflect on the bumper and this will look good.

This car is cursed; I put the steering wheel back together and this part broke. So, I had to put it apart again, drilled, grind and weld a new screw.

Monday, August 17, 2009

One worker, who is no longer working for Final Finish, cut the wires going to the rear of the car without labeling them. Ken and I traced the wires back to the dash and I used a schematic and a tester to reconnect the wires from the dash.

I still have an issue with the front turn signal and horn.

This car got hit in the past and we had a hard time to align the front. I brought my DS to compare and measure everything. Now we have the same dimensions and this car is more straight than my own DS! But somehow, the shape of the hood at the front is different. Ken pushed down to have the hood follow the bumper and since the reinforcement underneath was cracked from a previous accident, the hood developed a crack...

So, now Ken has to fixed the crack and repaint the hood.

He riveted a reinforcement, so this will not happen again in the future.

I am getting close to finish the dash, once all electrical issues are addressed. The chrome piece around the pod will be able to get fixed and re-chromed. The bad news is that it might take 8 weeks to get it back. We will return the car to the owner without the part and I will go to the owner's house install the part at a later date.

The upholstery shop stitched together a piece of leather and piece of cloth together. Now we have to cut to dimension, fold, glue and stained the leather to match the door panels.

I found stencils with 3" letters. unfortunately the French fonts are narrower, but it will be pretty close though. Due to the compound curves on the plate, I could not use the stencils directly to the plate (The paint would have bled underneath), so I used a stick on paper and traced the fonts...

I use my laptop with pictures I took when I've sanded the plate to help me as far as the placement.

A very laborious job: Cut out the letters with an Exacto knife.

I used a piece of Scotch pad to scuff the paint.

Done! I used satin white to match the satin red. This is the number she left France with. You can look it up, this number was assigned in 1967.

The plate under the gearbox and brakes was rusted. I used Chipgard paint to protect it and make it presentable.

The valence was treated the same way than the top of the body. I have painted the grill with a silver gray paint.

We tried to fix the brackets that hold the hood down near the windshield. Of course, everything broke, even the tap! We will address this this week.